Monday, February 21, 2011

Need More Motorcycle Luggage?

So this afternoon after collage me and my friends were hanging out at the front door of Catur's DKV shop. Suddenly a stupid moment came right through my eyes and with out thinking, I grabbed out my cellphone to take the picture of that moment. So here is what I got, and sorry for the low quality picture cause I didn't prepare my camera yet ^^. Take a look :
Haha yeah I had a big long laugh with my buddy, we think that this is the new concept of the luggage for motorcycle. I guess the old ones which is...
This will no longer be needed and instead it is much better to use the first picture cause I think it will fit up everything that are inside your bedroom like clothes, shoes and many more haha. Maybe I'll start to capture more and more funniest moment again soon! ^^


dHikA Wiedyani said...

lol,,this is funny babe :))

arapposting said...

ahaha thanks babe. its a funny moment at my campus at that time haha.

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