Friday, February 25, 2011

I need a Remedy

Just last night the real nightmare came, I still didn't realize what has happened last night?
But all I knew is that last night I'm all in a real pain. A pain that are nests inside my tummy. Well I still can't say where does it actually hurts cause it surrounds my body. Last night I can't even scream or shout, I was lonely at my bedroom. But I'm chatting with my beautiful lovely girl of mine. But in just a minutes I suddenly can't remember anything, I fell into the darkness, and I cant control myself.

While I'm still unconscience, I remembered that I dreamed about something beautiful. I sat along the seashore where I perfectly can hear the ocean waves and feel the softness of the sand. There I realized that I know my life were almost perfect. But something changes my smile inside my dream, there's should be someone beside me. Some girl with a hijab on, fashionable, white skinned, tall, perfectly cute voice, loving me who ever I am and give her faithful love on me.
Where Is she? I really always wanted her to be here by my side, inside my dream and in the real world. Suddenly I heard a song that I always knew and her voice calling me to wake up...
But then I woke up and I realized that I'm half naked with oily thing on my tummy and warm. Then what I first think since I'm conscience is "my girl" yeah I started to search for my phone and I saw a left message by her, and it was written a lyric song for OWL CITY - Vanilla Twilight, a song that she used to wake me up when I'm down. And she saw me her faith again on me that she believed I'm strong and I will stand. It reminds me about our conversation.

We always have this conversation on having faith on each other, and will never change what ever happen. But most of the time we likely to arrange the plan of being in the future family, yes I promised her that I will marry her to be my beautiful wife of mine and will have children cute and smart ones. When she told me "imagine when our first child say "papa" hihi it will be so cute and you are inside your design work station and our baby come walking like pinguin inside your room and I'm watching aside of the door" that really touches me a lot.
I don't want her believe or faith on me shattered because I'm not that healthy as she knew. But I'm not that weak for that, I promised her that what ever happened I will be her future husband.
I will always love you no matter what Charina Dhika Wiedyani
And soon you will be my wife

Monday, February 21, 2011

Need More Motorcycle Luggage?

So this afternoon after collage me and my friends were hanging out at the front door of Catur's DKV shop. Suddenly a stupid moment came right through my eyes and with out thinking, I grabbed out my cellphone to take the picture of that moment. So here is what I got, and sorry for the low quality picture cause I didn't prepare my camera yet ^^. Take a look :
Haha yeah I had a big long laugh with my buddy, we think that this is the new concept of the luggage for motorcycle. I guess the old ones which is...
This will no longer be needed and instead it is much better to use the first picture cause I think it will fit up everything that are inside your bedroom like clothes, shoes and many more haha. Maybe I'll start to capture more and more funniest moment again soon! ^^

Friday, February 18, 2011

Government Raise TAX for International Movie?

This was the most shocking news of all Indonesian people who knows that the GOVERNMENT idiotly raised the tax for International Movie distributor. Our Government thinks that they will earn more money cause they think here is the place where all movie wants to play their movie at. So our government thinks if they could raise the tax the International Movie will pay the tax no matter what. But instead they cancel all exporting movie here! Why? Because they know that they are being fooled by our government. As the result our government are trying to chase back the International Movies to keep on exporting their movies to Indonesia.
 Just Imagine, This one hall of Indonesian Movie Theater that elegantly designed will no more playing movies that can support this hall as it is designed? And instead it will play Indonesian uneducational movies? Well the government have a point by saying "we raised the tax so we can make our local movies even better" ok if our local getting better, but what if it is just growing like it is and will never grow? We still cannot smell an action movies here, only LOVE and HORROR1/2PORN. What is that? I guess our government should review from what have they done. Just return our rights to watch International Movies! And next time please ask the people first before going on for your stupid step...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

We Play Smile Laugh Share Dance

Finally another new true my own inspiration finally revealed! haha
Well I love this picture so as my girl do ^^

Click on the image to enlarge it ^^.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bored Day In My Life

No one to talk to
No idea
People inside the house shouting
Rain never stop
No money
Don't know where to go

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zombie Days Movie

I don't know why I'm so interested in this zombie life story? But what I like about this thrilling horror movie is that it almost shows reality that a zombies are a half living dead human that are infected by a virus created from laboratory somewhere out there. And this laboratory became a mess because of some problems so this virus escape from the safe zone into the outside world either by an illegal animal use or traveled by the air and cause injured people gets infected and after minutes or hours transformed into one hungry blood thirsty monster.

Yep maybe it almost shows reality rather than a Ghost horror movies, most of them are just only shocking but sometimes they shows the appearance like its fake. Well that's my opinion about it ^^.

And here are some of the movie that I mostly watched :
1. Resident Evil ( 2002 )
The film adaptation of this famous game, horror-themed action and starring the lovely Milla Jovovich (5th Element) and Michelle Rodriguez (The Fast and The Furious). The film adaptation of this famous game, horror-themed action and starring the lovely Milla Jovovich (5th Element) and Michelle Rodriguez (The Fast and The Furious). Handled by Paul Anderson directing a few years ago directed a science fiction movie called Event Horizon, other than that the film adaptation of another game called Mortal Kombat, Soldier, etc.. Khabarnya, this movie does not rely on computer effects but rather on the makeup effects and creativity of young stars are talented. Filmed on location in London, Berlin, and several places around Europe, Resident Evil more centered on the role of Milla and Michelle. A special team called S.T.A.R.S. investigating a murder case that occurred in the woods outside Raccoon city area. At that time they found a place of research that has been fallow. They are faced with a super computer that can not be controlled. For the sake of saving the world, this team had to fight hundreds of researchers who are employees at the venue. Worse, the researchers found has undergone a mutation in the event of an accident in a laboratory, a living human flesh eater (the zombie). Can they stop the demons before they spread into the city or other areas or even to the whole world? Can they just to be able to get out alive from that place?
2. Resident Evil 2 : Apocalypse ( 2004 )
A deadly virus spread in the town of Raccoon. Resident Evil: Apocalypse is a continuation of the terrible adventure.
Alice (Milla Jovovich - 5th Element) be subject to trial by the company biogenetik Umbrella and genetically altered into a woman strong and agile. This is useful for him to be able to survive.
Alice joined by Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory - Helen of Troy), Terry Morales (Sandrine Holt - Happy Hour), Carlos Oliviera (Oded Fehr - The Mummy), struggling to escape from the region that will become City of the Dead. For that they must fight against the deadly killer zombies and Umbrella's creation, Nemesis (Matthew G. Taylor).
3. Resident Evil 3 : Extinction ( 2007 )
Alice (Milla Jovovich), saat ini bersembunyi di gurun Nevada, masih bergabung bersama Carlos Olivera (Oded Fehr) dan L.J. (Mike Epps), dan anggota-anggota baru Claire (Ali Larter), K-Mart (Spencer Locke) dan Suster Betty (Ashanti) mencoba menaklukkan virus yang membuat kehidupan abadi bagi manusia.. serta mencari keadilan. Sejak tertangkap oleh Umbrella Corporation, Alice telah menjadi sasaran eksperimental biogenik dan menjadi berubah secara genetik, dengan kekuatan, indera dan keterampilan manusia super. Keahlian ini, dan lainnya, akan dibutuhkan seseorang jika ia hidup selamanya.

4. Resident Evil 4 : Afterlife ( 2010 )
 The world was still hit by viral T which turns humans into zombies and almost no longer a safe place for humans. In travels, Alice (Milla Jovovich) still have to hide from the target of the Umbrella Corporation officials while trying to find a way to tear down a giant company responsible for the destruction of this man. The closer to the Umbrella Corporation, Alice, the more weight is also an enemy that must be faced.
When he appeared hopes to defend the human race the onslaught of zombies, Alice soon bring the remains of humans who survive to Los Angeles, where a supposedly safe from the invasion of zombies. Unfortunately, the instructions seemed just a trap. Arriving troupe in Los Angeles, this city has turned out to be debris-controlled zombies and Alice and his entourage was about to fall into this death trap.

Yeah those are the movie I mostly like to watch cause the story line are so interesting, even the game I played them all. Well guys there are still more zombies movie but that is the most interesting. I have watched them at the theater but I'm Rewatching it by downloading them again at DownloadBioskop21 . You can try them, and enjoy! Hope Zombies wont bite you today ^^.


The only thing I know is that what everything that comes on you will perfectly fits on my Inspiration. So here it is your beautiful face eyes and smile combined with the texture of Batik that I've made by myself. I hope you love this ^^. And I'm waiting for your signature on the bottom of the art.

Birthday Gift Shall Uncover Within Time

This package from Charina Dhika Wiedyani my girl, just came last Thursday. We were worried about this wont arrive at my hand safe. But finally it arrived when I woke up and its beside me, and because she say its wrapping cover is transparent I was shocked I thought its a T'shirt with a zebra stripe on it? haha but its just another of her trick on me. As for my promise to unwrap at my birthday so I have to control my itchy hand to open it right away! Anyway lets wait on 30th of March to see what's inside it. Cant wait to open it!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Single Eye

Its been from three days ago, I dont know what cause this but its just the same like last year caused by the dust while I'm riding my motorbike. Yap now I'm walking all around with one eye shut and feels the pain when the wind hit my eye. So the best solution is to cover up my eye with a tissue and a tape around it covering my eye like Captain Hook.


This was taken at my home, actually at my room where I used to take a photography shoot on. I used Nikon D80 to capture our pose. Here we were so enjoying our day at my home. And we smile like we will never lose each other again, and holding our arms so tight.

This was taken place at Gandaria 7 Charina Dhika Wiedyani 's uncle crib. It is placed at the upper floor at her uncle's library. This photoshoot theme of ours that we are soon to be saperate from each others again within miles but soon we will merge again. The picture that really describe that is the one that we use a property of an old school traveling bag.