Friday, February 18, 2011

Government Raise TAX for International Movie?

This was the most shocking news of all Indonesian people who knows that the GOVERNMENT idiotly raised the tax for International Movie distributor. Our Government thinks that they will earn more money cause they think here is the place where all movie wants to play their movie at. So our government thinks if they could raise the tax the International Movie will pay the tax no matter what. But instead they cancel all exporting movie here! Why? Because they know that they are being fooled by our government. As the result our government are trying to chase back the International Movies to keep on exporting their movies to Indonesia.
 Just Imagine, This one hall of Indonesian Movie Theater that elegantly designed will no more playing movies that can support this hall as it is designed? And instead it will play Indonesian uneducational movies? Well the government have a point by saying "we raised the tax so we can make our local movies even better" ok if our local getting better, but what if it is just growing like it is and will never grow? We still cannot smell an action movies here, only LOVE and HORROR1/2PORN. What is that? I guess our government should review from what have they done. Just return our rights to watch International Movies! And next time please ask the people first before going on for your stupid step...


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