Sunday, March 20, 2011


so well this is my 2nd time getting my right hand wrecked because of an accident.
but nothing to worry, one hand broken won't stop me from doing my routine activities.
as the prove from my words, you can check out my design blog here arapdesign and here I have a lilbit poster of my picture on it and my design officially and a message for you all...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

It is true when some one is addicted to web browsing or daily home life is using the internet connections can't even spent my daily life without the internet service. 

Just like when I'm addicted to Cokes. Yeah its all because my internet connections were shut off by no reasons. I wonder why. With internet I likely to post news, designs and many more, thats what I always do. Hey bring my Internet back!

Friday, February 25, 2011

I need a Remedy

Just last night the real nightmare came, I still didn't realize what has happened last night?
But all I knew is that last night I'm all in a real pain. A pain that are nests inside my tummy. Well I still can't say where does it actually hurts cause it surrounds my body. Last night I can't even scream or shout, I was lonely at my bedroom. But I'm chatting with my beautiful lovely girl of mine. But in just a minutes I suddenly can't remember anything, I fell into the darkness, and I cant control myself.

While I'm still unconscience, I remembered that I dreamed about something beautiful. I sat along the seashore where I perfectly can hear the ocean waves and feel the softness of the sand. There I realized that I know my life were almost perfect. But something changes my smile inside my dream, there's should be someone beside me. Some girl with a hijab on, fashionable, white skinned, tall, perfectly cute voice, loving me who ever I am and give her faithful love on me.
Where Is she? I really always wanted her to be here by my side, inside my dream and in the real world. Suddenly I heard a song that I always knew and her voice calling me to wake up...
But then I woke up and I realized that I'm half naked with oily thing on my tummy and warm. Then what I first think since I'm conscience is "my girl" yeah I started to search for my phone and I saw a left message by her, and it was written a lyric song for OWL CITY - Vanilla Twilight, a song that she used to wake me up when I'm down. And she saw me her faith again on me that she believed I'm strong and I will stand. It reminds me about our conversation.

We always have this conversation on having faith on each other, and will never change what ever happen. But most of the time we likely to arrange the plan of being in the future family, yes I promised her that I will marry her to be my beautiful wife of mine and will have children cute and smart ones. When she told me "imagine when our first child say "papa" hihi it will be so cute and you are inside your design work station and our baby come walking like pinguin inside your room and I'm watching aside of the door" that really touches me a lot.
I don't want her believe or faith on me shattered because I'm not that healthy as she knew. But I'm not that weak for that, I promised her that what ever happened I will be her future husband.
I will always love you no matter what Charina Dhika Wiedyani
And soon you will be my wife

Monday, February 21, 2011

Need More Motorcycle Luggage?

So this afternoon after collage me and my friends were hanging out at the front door of Catur's DKV shop. Suddenly a stupid moment came right through my eyes and with out thinking, I grabbed out my cellphone to take the picture of that moment. So here is what I got, and sorry for the low quality picture cause I didn't prepare my camera yet ^^. Take a look :
Haha yeah I had a big long laugh with my buddy, we think that this is the new concept of the luggage for motorcycle. I guess the old ones which is...
This will no longer be needed and instead it is much better to use the first picture cause I think it will fit up everything that are inside your bedroom like clothes, shoes and many more haha. Maybe I'll start to capture more and more funniest moment again soon! ^^

Friday, February 18, 2011

Government Raise TAX for International Movie?

This was the most shocking news of all Indonesian people who knows that the GOVERNMENT idiotly raised the tax for International Movie distributor. Our Government thinks that they will earn more money cause they think here is the place where all movie wants to play their movie at. So our government thinks if they could raise the tax the International Movie will pay the tax no matter what. But instead they cancel all exporting movie here! Why? Because they know that they are being fooled by our government. As the result our government are trying to chase back the International Movies to keep on exporting their movies to Indonesia.
 Just Imagine, This one hall of Indonesian Movie Theater that elegantly designed will no more playing movies that can support this hall as it is designed? And instead it will play Indonesian uneducational movies? Well the government have a point by saying "we raised the tax so we can make our local movies even better" ok if our local getting better, but what if it is just growing like it is and will never grow? We still cannot smell an action movies here, only LOVE and HORROR1/2PORN. What is that? I guess our government should review from what have they done. Just return our rights to watch International Movies! And next time please ask the people first before going on for your stupid step...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

We Play Smile Laugh Share Dance

Finally another new true my own inspiration finally revealed! haha
Well I love this picture so as my girl do ^^

Click on the image to enlarge it ^^.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bored Day In My Life

No one to talk to
No idea
People inside the house shouting
Rain never stop
No money
Don't know where to go